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Industries We Serve

At D.P. Brown of PA, our wide selection of power transmission products caters to the needs of a diverse array of industries. The products we supply clients are the best available on the market and have the durability to endure even the toughest applications. Therefore, regardless of how rigorous or intensive your industry may be, you can have confidence that our power transmission equipment will be a perfect fit for your various operations and processes.


The heating, ventiation, & air conditioning industry uses many power transmission components, including electric motors, v-belts, sheaves, pulleys, bushings, mounted bearings and more. Over the last few years, we have experienced a dramatic increase in the use of electric motors using Aegis shaft grounding rings. These are important to extending the life of bearings when motors are powered by variable frequency drives (VFDs). Contact us for more information on the benefits and how they work.

Power Generation

Our products play many roles throughout the power generation industry. Power plants rely on many different kinds of machinery, like pulverizers and crushers, to prepare coal for combustion, as well as transport it during the coal and ash handling process. The durable power transmission equipment we supply assists machinery across all steps of this process, improving productivity and efficiency for years to come.

Aggregate and Mining

No matter what material your quarry or mining facility processes, you'll be able to find the power transmission parts you need to elevate your processes in our collection. At D.P. Brown of PA, we provide clients across the aggregate and mining industries with a multitude of power transmission options to enhance the performance of their crushers, stackers, screens, and other integral machinery. Given the harsh nature of mining operations, the products we offer were designed and made with resilience in mind to withstand years of wear and tear in extreme mining operations.

Concrete and Asphalt Manufacturing

We also supply power transmission products to the concrete and asphalt manufacturing industry. The creation of concrete and asphalt involves several complex processes that require advanced machinery, which our power transmission equipment can be seamlessly integrated in. From the batching process to conveyor transportation and other operations, the products we supply can improve the productivity and efficiency of multiple stages of the process.


D.P. Brown of PA is home to a large and diverse selection of power transmission products for industrial settings. As such, your facility will be able to reliably find and acquire equipment from our collection that matches your unique industrial needs. We understand how central our power transmission equipment can be to industrial processes, which is why our business only supplies products from the best manufacturers available. 

Food, Beverage & Pharma

In Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals manufacturing, cleanliness is paramount. We have gearboxes, bearings, motors, and more designed with heavy duty seals, stainless steel construction, and other features to make them suitable for manufacturing facilities that require constant high pressure washdown.

Marine & Navy

We supply the US Navy with highly customized electric motors designed specifically for use in marine and military applications. Our motors are found on US Navy ships and military bases all over the world, helping our sailors and soldiers protect our country. CAGE CODE 6C1E1

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As a trusted distributor since 1894, D.P. Brown of PA has supplied businesses across countless industries with the power transmission equipment they need for their operations. To learn more about our available power transmission products and to place an order for your plant or facility, call us today.

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